Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

     The Voice chooses to use social media to reach its fans world-wide.  Engaging their fans and giving them a platform to connect to the show and their favorite artists, through interaction and voting, has allowed The Voice to be so successful on social media.  Collaborating with other social media and messaging platforms and major influencers, such a viners, tumblr creatrs and Instagram video artists, allowed them to add their own unique input as well.

     By extending the storytelling and engaging the audience, and making it a live social event with each episode, it resulted in having the most tweets each week for the artists the audience wanted to save from elimination as well as using their Skybox and personalized content for fans, which allowed quite a bit of interaction throughout the season.  As a result, The Voice was the winner in Integration with Live Television, a finalist in Instagram and Twitter.

     The Voice is featured on the NBC website and has a lot of basic information, such as featuring the winner of the latest episode, clips and highlights, but their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, is where the interaction can be found.  This is where their community of fans can gather and interact with the show and participate in any social events taking place.  Currently, The Voice has more than 16 million followers, an impressive fan-base, while on Twitter, they have about 5 million followers, making Facebook once again the largest social media platform.

     The company is effectively engaging its audience, bringing live integration with television, frequent posts and allowing the audience to feel very much a part of the show.