Why I Sponsor a Child

If I could save every child on this earth from poverty and hunger, I would.  It breaks my heart to see any child suffer like this.  I wanted to do something, but I wasn’t sure what.  Last February, I went to a Christian concert featuring many Christian artists, but mainly my favorite, The Newsboys.  I was super excited to see them and was enjoying the entire concert, when about half way through, there was a break from the beautiful music and on came a heart wrenching video of all these children from third world countries, poor and struggling to eat a nutritional meal every day, much less have all their basic needs met, like having clean  water to drink, a nice comfy bed to sleep in and both parents alive to take care of them.  Not to mention a poor opportunity at an education so perhaps they could have a fighting chance in life to make something of themselves.  Yes, this video from Compassion International pulled at my heartstrings.  But, I had been wanting to do something-to give or to help someone out there in the world, and I felt at this moment I had found my chance.  I am very aware that there are many American children in need as well, but even though our welfare system here in America leaves much to be desired, I still knew it was way more than many of these other children had in their developing countries.  Not only that, but God calls us to be the hands and the feet-the body of Christ-we are to help others in need.  Everywhere.

So, I was given a handout with information about a little boy in the Philippines, in an aids infected area, who had been waiting a long time for a sponsor.  His precious face won my heart and I signed up to be his sponsor right away.  I have learned that my measly monthly donation means everything to him.  It means he can have meals to eat everyday, and not have that struggle of worrying whether he will get a hot meal that day.  It means he can have proper medical care and help with his school work and have a relationship with God, and so much more.

Several months ago I met a lady (while volunteering at a Compassion event) from the Philippines that graduated from the Compassion program, and as an adult, she is now serving in her own ministry to rescue women and children from the streets of Manila-many who are sex-trafficked.  She is changing their lives and helping them to have a chance at something better, as well as helping them to know God.  Throughout the months of my sponsorship so far, it has begun to even change my own world.  It has caused me to step out and volunteer more and by doing so, I have become more familiar with the world that these children live in; it has truly made me appreciate the blessings in my own life.

These past couple of years I have done some soul-searching, trying to figure out what I want to do differently with my life that can give impact to others and help them change their lives for the better.  By becoming a sponsor for Compassion International, and by giving of my time, I have realized where my heart is.  It is with helping others.  My sponsorship through Compassion isn’t just helping this precious child in the Philippines-it’s helping me too.  I am now a blogger for Compassion International; another open door for my own life.  I hope to continue touching the lives of so many children around the world and help open up the hearts of those who can give just a little.

Please watch and share this video: http://blog.compassion.com/will-fall-love-child-guaranteed/   and let’s change the world-together!



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